Saturday, January 07, 2012

Kennedy Space Center

Early this morning (01.30 local time) we arrived to Miami after a very long journey. Due to American paranoia the immigration process in New York took ages which meant that we missed our connecting flight to Miami. 
Instead we had to fly to Atlanta on a delayed flight, then run through the airport to catch a new plane to Miami. In the end it did work out and we could pick up the rental car and check in to our drab motel room after 22 hours of travelling.
A very short night of sleep, then a 3,5 hours drive north to Kennedy Space Center. I've been here before a long time ago, but need new digital photos. And I like this place – space, astronauts and rockets have an undeniable adventure potential. This time we took a guided tour into the closed military part called Cape Canaveral. This is where they did all the actual rocketeering, launching hundreds of satellites, manned missions and moon missions. While here, a huge Delta IV rocket was towed on the road and another Delta IV stood on a launch pad, ready to go. Exciting!
We also saw a lot of wildlife, including alligators, dolphins, bald eagle, armadillo and lots of birdlife. This is a very interesting area to visit and I highly recommend it if you are heading for Florida.

Cape Canaveral

My heroes

Don't press the button. Please.

One of the world's largest buildings, 160 meters high.

Saturn V moon rocket

Rocket garden

Hungry girl

Hungry bird

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