Monday, July 14, 2008

Moved in and did some paragliding

Finally, we have moved into our new apartment in Amsterdam. We are still unpacking and getting things in order, but it is so nice to have your own place again, and unpack your own books etc. Lovely!

Yesterday, I took a day off from the DIY:ing and unpacking and went to the sand dunes at Wijk aan Zee for some paragliding. In the Netherlands, the dunes are protected, so you are not allowed to take off from the top of them. Instead, you have to start on the beach, below the dune, and then kite your way up. Very difficult, at least for me who never done this before.

But after an hour of sweaty trial and error, and a break, I was finally in the air. Soaring this way is so relaxing - the air is smooth and predictable, the sea is eternal in its very own way, and the views are splendid.

Last Friday, I did the nerdiest thing ever in my soon 40 years long life. I went up before dawn and started the queue outside Amsterdam's biggest T-mobile shop. Queueing for what? For the new Apple iPhone 3G. I got one in the end, and it is very cool.