Thursday, May 29, 2008

In Slovenia right now

I know, the updates have been far in between. But life is hectic now, and I am updating my MSN travel blog almost daily.
Right now, I am in Slovenia. Left Jerusalem Saturday a week ago, for the last time (at least for a long while). First, I travelled around for a week all over this little beautiful country for a travel story (keep an eye open for it in a coming issue of Allt om Resor). 
Now, I am in Northern Slovenia for a paragliding story. Had some good flying the last two days, hoping for more today.

From here, I will fly to Amsterdam, our new hometown. Femke has already been there a week, but right now, she is in Italy on a yoga holiday. We still need to find a home in Amsterdam, but I am sure that will happen sooner or later.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Family visit, friends, and moving to Amsterdam

My sister and her family.

Wow, it was a while ago since my last entry. So much have happened. The biggest thing first: we are moving to Amsterdam! Femke got a new very interesting job at AWEPA, and will be starting there the 2nd of June. So we are packing up here in Jerusalem. In fact, our last day here will be next Saturday, the 17th of May. Femke will fly directly to Amsterdam while I will go to Slovenia for two weeks of work first, and then fly to Amsterdam from there.
It is going to be so exciting to live in Amsterdam! At first, we will stay at Femke’s parents place and with friends, while looking for an apartment.

What else? My sister (Camilla), her husband Bobbo and their two kids, Veronica and Martin, are visiting us here in Jerusalem. It feels great to have them here and to be able to show them our life here, before we are moving. Lots of walking in the old city of Jerusalem, nice food and excursions to Bethlehem and the Dead Sea. Right now, they are in Eilat for some snorkeling and relaxing, but tonight they will come back here, to continue to the airport and then fly home to Sweden.

Otherwise, we have been very social lately, trying to see all our friends here before leaving. The day before yesterday we met Anna, Cham & Paz, Brian and a few others for drinks and food at the Legacy Hotel. The night before that, I had a drink with Ric. And yesterday, we drove to Ramallah to go out together with Yara. We ended up at Sangria’s and then Stones and had a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

The other night, Mary, a Dutch friend of Femke’s family, came by to visit us during a holiday in Jerusalem. It’s always nice when friends from around the world comes to say hello.

This weekend, we are planning to go to the Med and the beach, and then next week, we have a little farewell party and then we´re off!