Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sintra and Lisbon

Had a slow morning, working in the hotelroom (and sleeping after the long fado night). In the afternoon I jumped on a train to Sintra, a hilly and beautiful place, but full of tourists. Had a leisurely evening in Lisbon with terraces and views, sometimes combined, sometimes not.
Now time to pack, off to Serra da Estrela tomorrow morning for the Swedish Championships and Nordic Open in paragliding.

Some photos from Lisbon

Last few days I have been in Lisbon for some work. I really like this city, it is full of joy and charming alleys. Not to mention the bars and little restaurants.
Yesterday night I had a very special evening at a Fado place.The venue was an old tiled former chapel, smaller than my (admittingly large) living room. Two fantastic guitarists and all in all seven singers performed. Due to exhaustion I had to leave close to three o'clock, then they were still playing. Such a beautiful evening!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sverige Cup tillbaka i Åre

Nu är Sverige Cup-cirkusen tillbaka i Åre och redo på start uppe på Hummeln. Dagen ser bra ut så vi håller tummarna.

Friday, June 03, 2011

Passing a river

This is where I landed.

Sverige Cup in paragliding

Right now I am walking through a forest on a little dirt road following a stream. The air is full of bird song, the sound of running water and the lovely scent of wild forest.
I am in Dalarna in Central Sweden, participating in the paragliding competition Sverige Cup. After taking off at Tallhed airstrip outside Orsa I flew towards Edsbyn, following the set track for the competition. At first I gained more than 1.100 meters of altitude and had the most fabulous view of Dalarna. This is forest countries, crisscrossed by creeks, rivers and lakes.
When reaching max altitude and running out of lift I headed for Edsbyn, 62 kilometers away. Unfortunately I didn't find any more thermals and after maybe seven kilometers I had to land in a clearing the lumberjacks left.
Packing the glider I marvelled at the scenery while texting the competition organisers that I was safely down. I didn't come far but it seems no-one else left the take off-area, at least at that time.
Now I am hiking towards the closest village, four kilometers away while carrying my 20 kg equipment. Life is full of adventures!