Sunday, August 31, 2008

Back again

Cat and kid in the old city of Dubrovnik.

City walls of Dubrovnik

Baba Stanija invited us in for lunch in her little
hut on Krnovo High Plateau. Lovely.

Robin playing with his glider at Krnovo.

A little lady that lived in the even smaller
hut all summer to tend her cows.

I know, I know, I have been terribly absent here. My only excuse is that my Swedish MSN Blog have taken all my blog energy. But today was the last day of that contract, so now I am back!

I am also back in Amsterdam, after nine days in the Balkans. Started off with a weekend in Dubrovnik (Croatia), where I met some nice people from Australia, New Zealand and the UK at a hostel.
You will find some of my photos from Dubrovnik here.

Then, I spent a week paragliding in Montenegro together with Robin Brown, the owner and manager of Montenegro Adventure Centre. I had a great time, seeing quite a bit of this little country and doing some relaxing paragliding. It will all end up as a story in Hypoxia, the Swedish paragliding magazine I am editing.
Photos from Montenegro are here.

Femke has been in Kenya the last two weeks, arranging a conference about climate change for African parliamentarians. But right now, she has a well-deserved weekend off and is enjoying a safari in Masai Mara. She will be back on Tuesday.