Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wine in Vienna

The last four days, I have been working in the former Imperial capital Vienna. I like Vienna. Some say it is a cold and stiff city, but I do not agree. There is beautiful architecture to admire (not only old), cafés tempts with delicious pastries and food is good. Several art museums exhibit very interesting 20th century art, my favourite being the accessible yet thrilling Gustav Klimt.

But this time, it is the wine that has drawn my attention. Vienna prides itself of being the only capital in the world that has vineyards within the city borders. And not only one, but 50. Many of them are open for the public, and follow the tradition of also being a heuriger, a place where you can eat traditional Austrian food at the vineyard and drink the local wine to it. Or just enjoy a tasting of some of their products.

If you prefer to stay in the very city centre, there are lots of well-stocked wine bars that will gladly let you in to the world of wine in Vienna. Most of the time, you can buy wine to bring home at the same places.

Unfortunately, I have to leave Vienna this evening. Then again, I am going to Amsterdam, and that’s a very agreeable city as well.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Good day at the coast

Back in Amsterdam again after some work in copenhagen, meetings in Gothenburg and partying in Malmö.
I came yesterday evening, and went out for dinner with Femke - more beautiful than ever. She booked a table at a Tavola, which turned out to be a brilliant Italian restaurant.
This morning, I waved goodbye to Femke again - she is off to Dakar, my Globetrotter girl. What can a man do when he is abandoned like that? I went flying :-)

The wind was rather week at Wijk aan Zee, and abit too southerly, but after three very short flights, conditions apprived and I got up properly. It is such a great thing to fly over the beach, seeing the sun glittering in the surf, the dogs playing and some horses galopping.

Now I am fixing some food, then meeting Andrew for a drink. Sander might join too, a Dutch paraglider I met on the way back to Amsterdam today.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Copenhagen my way

Sometimes, my job is horribly taxing. Like the last few days, when I have been forced to eat and drink my way through Copenhagen for a couple of stories. You might not think so, but this is hardcore stuff that demands the utmost discipline and dedication.