Thursday, December 30, 2010

Forest fire in Cape Town

There was a big forest fire in Cape Town today, on the butt of the Lion that forms Lion's Head.
We could see the fire from our balcony, and the four helicopters dumping water on it filled up at a dam just behind our house. So we had the soundtrack of a Vietnam film going on over here.
The wind is very strong today, which didn't make it easier for the firefighters.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hiking around Lion's Head

A few days ago we had a really nice day out, hiking up to and around Lion's Head, turning at the noon gun and then going back home again. All in all 11,7 kilometers. Not very far but most of it on a little off road path going up and down. The views were stunning.

A big but dead spider on the path.

Table Mountain to the left and the peak of Lion's Head to the right.

Green Point Stadium with Robben Island in the background.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Cape Town

For us Swede's the big day is today is today when it comes to Christmas celebrations. But as I am in Cape Town with friend Anders (a k a Bonen) I can skip the Christmas craze (and the extreme snow chaos they have all over Northern Europe right now). That feels quite nice actually.

We just had a nice lunch with cold cuts on our balcony overlooking Table Mountain. In shorts of course. Tonight we are going to a really good restaurant (Carne SA on Keroom Street) feasting on Namibian beef. Yummy.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, wherever you are and whichever way you celebrate!

Strolling about in Cape Town

Walked 11-15 km today, from Kloof Straat via Boo-Kap down to Green Point and the old lighthouse. Had a great stew "potjie" at Sea Point for lunch, then a glass of crisp Sauvignon Blanc at Harold's Wine Bar before walking back. Passed a bunch of old-timers playing some kind of colonial version of bowling on an immaculate lawn.

In the evening we tried out the €0,75 beer and €2,50 hamburger at the local joint. Both worked. In high spirits we continued our immersion in the local culture, drinking South African Brandy and coke on our balcony, complemented with Dutch cigarillos and jazz. Now that's what I call a pleasant evening!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Heat, wind and two oceans

Phew. Just had a cold shower but the cooling effect only lasted for ten minutes. It’s hot today in Cape Town, at least 31°C in the shade. That didn’t stop us from driving down to Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope to enjoy the landscape and the views of two oceans at the same time. The wind was literarily howling, they measured 45 knots in the gusts (23 meter/second). But that’s OK, a mythical rock is entitled to some posturing.
We looked in vain for whales, dolphins, otters and sharks, but the upset sea didn’t make it easy. We did see ostriches, elan, bontebok, baboons and a number of birds. Add to that some brave wind surfers and kite surfers that braved the waves.
‘On the way back we stopped to say hello to the penguins at Boulders Beach. The poor little creatures were completely swarmed with tourists and locals – it is the peak of the summer season down here.
South Africa is an amazing country – despite us not going for safari we have seen so many wild animals. Turtles, flamingos, eagles of different kinds (and lots of other birds of prey), mongoose, snakes, lizards, ibises, squirrels, giant grasshoppers, klipdassies and a hole bunch of other animals I can’t remember now.
And then we haven’t even started with the urban creatures you see down here. After returning the rental car this afternoon, we remembered that Royale Eatery on Long Street has some kind of happy hour on weekday afternoons. Eight – we had delicious deluxe burgers and two beers each and paid 100 rand (about €10 or 100 SEK) in total. For the both of us.  Outside, a parade of funny, cool or ridiculous dudes were passing by. Very entertaining.
Now we are languishing in the heat, but I have a special treat waiting for me – a new book I picked up on the way home J. I can recommend the one I finished yesterday night about Cicero (Lustrum by Ben Harris) as a good read, both amusing and educational. 

The Atlantic to the left, the Indian Ocean to the right.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Third competition day in Porterville

After a few days of bad weather (resulting in wine tasting and other pleasantries) we could finally fly again. The conditions were very weak. I am flying a small glider and managed to screw up the day so landed very early. Well, well, I am here to learn
 So I got a ride with Bonen (thanks!) up to tale off again and restarted. This time I had a lovely 58 kilometers cross country flight. At one point I was thermalling with four eagles at the same time. Quite special.
Back at Twintrees (our B & B) we chilled in the pool and then enjoyed a nice BBQ at Rob's Flyers Lodge.

Tor is launching.

Flying with four birds of prey at the same time.

Going to the beach for seafood

It rained today so we drove out to Langebaan at the coast for some seafood. 


Happy dog. With short legs.

Gated communtiy. But cool colors.

Big Mama.