Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Drone ahead!

The last year my business has developed in several directions, with books and filming in the forefront. Today we released the latest book, Tobias Dahlin's beautiful photo story about the underwater world of West Sweden, Västerhavet – En hotad skönhet.
The last few days have also seen a lot of filming, both interviews with high-ranking academic researchers, and a bunch of high-octane drone filming. Using the drone for different artistic and commercial projects is so much fun as well as challenging, being a new way to capture the world in motion picture.
Here are a few clips from Gothenburg filmed yesterday. No music this time, but if you want too, listen to "Engelska flottan har siktats vid Vinga" to get into the right mood.

Book release!

Today, we are releasing Tobias Dahlin's fantastic book "Västerhavet – En hotad skönhet" at Hasselblad Center in Gothenburg.

Come and join us between 17-20!