Monday, November 17, 2008

Paragliding, dining and a boat

Wow, that was a hectic weekend. But also a very nice one.
It started sportife on Friday, with a day of paragliding at Wijk aan Zee with Andrew and Steve. A bit windy and wet, but oh so refreshing with 1,5 hours in the air.
In the evening, F and me had dinner together with Andrew and Mirthe at a restaurant called Stout on Haarlemerstraat. Nice but a tad expensive compared to what you got. We rounded off the evening with a drink or two at some nearby bars.

Saturday saw Femke and me looking around for glasses. Mine have become to scratched to be comfortable, so I need new ones. It is always a hassle to buy glasses, a bit like buying jeans. In the end we found a decent pair, but unfortunately they wont be ready for a while.

Then, we hurried home to prepare dinner – some of Femke’s colleagues were coming over for the evening. It turned into an enjoyable night with lots of talk about work and other things.

Sunday started pleasantly slow, before we biked over to Maarten and Hanna. They had prepared a delicious lunch for us – just what we needed!
Afterwards, Femke and me biked around a bit to check out some Amsterdam neighbourhoods we haven’t seen before.
In the afternoon, I bought a boat. Yes! A small little plastic boat to go picnicking with in the canals of Amsterdam when the spring comes. Lovely ☺. The evening was spent looking into the waterways in an around Amsterdam, as well as investigating different possible trips to Africa.

Today, I am busy preparing myself for six days in Sweden, meeting friends, family and clients. It’s going to be fun.

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