Saturday, November 08, 2008

Palestinian friends in Mons

Living an International life can be exciting. Today, we took the train to Mons to meet Palestinian friends that had an art exhibition there. They were of course happy to be there and not in Ramallah, and we were happy to see them. Later on, some of their friends joined in, mostly Palestinians (or combinations thereof) but also a guy from Afghanistan.

His story was sombering. He was originally from the Helmand province, but had to move with his family several times, as refugees. In Kabul, he worked as a translator for the Canadian troops there. After that, he could not stay in his homeland anymore, fearing for his life (some of the extremists see him as a traitor), he had to flee and ended up in Belgium. Being born in North-Western Europe is indeed a luxury.

In the evening, we all went back to Brussels and partied together – who knows when we will see each other again?

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