Sunday, December 02, 2007

India is different

It is dawn, and my fifth day in India. The smell of fried eggs with onion
is slowly spreading from the kitchen at Fly Nirvana, the place where I am
staying. The Indian pilots are already up and about, preparing for another
day of paragliding, while the Swede's are still sleeping, no doubt tired
after yesterday evenings party.

This is my first time in India, and I am enjoying it. I am here for two
weeks to go paragliding together with a Swedish group. We are based on the
countryside outside the little village of Kamsheet, a few hours drive east
of Bombay (Mumbai).

This is Fly Nirvana, where I stay.

Although my experience can be described as India light, staying at one
place and having everything organized, there are still many impressions.
There are people everywhere, also on the countryside. Working the fields,
walking their cattle, bustling in the village streets. Everybody are
smiling curiosly when they see me, a foreigner by all standards. The women
are dressed in beautifully colored saris and the men often wear white.
Masny of them have red marks on their forehead from the daily relgious
hindu religious ceremonies and prayers they conduct outside their homes in
the morning. Of course, poverty is everywhere. Simple huts built of sticks
and twigs. Small houses constructed of mud with dirt floors. People taking
care of their daily hygiene along the road.And the infra-structure, in
form of roads and communications, are under-developed. It took me five
days to find this Internet connection, and it is a dial-up, so very slow,
which means no photos.

But I hope I will be able to connecty a few more times during my stay.
No it is time for breakfast, and then some more paragliding!

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